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This Time It's Real
The 7 Adventure
You Can Make It On Your Own
Forever Always
Night Vision
Start Again
What It Means
Get Into My Rocket
Under The Surface


Stories from two brothers on an adventure

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Story #8
Listening Session New York
Story #7
Recording in Stockholm
Story #6
Unexpected Legacy
Story #5
Michel Forever Always
Story #4
Roadtrip to Stockholm
Story #3
Finding Erik Frisberg
Story #2
Meeting JB from Munich
Story #1
Having fun with Nigel


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The story so far

KYZR is Dutch brothers, producers, and multi-instrumentalists Marcel Julius and Stefan Thomas.

Between 2017 and 2019, KYZR introduced 'The 7 Adventure,' a project comprising 7 songs accompanied by 7 hand-drawn OneMinuteVideos. This narrative unfolds a timeless story of a boy and a girl in the modern era.

Their next step came with the release of 'What It Means,' featuring Erik Frisberg as their singer and vocal lines co-writer. This caught the attention of numerous radio stations and the music received promising reviews worldwide.

In the spring of 2019, their music piqued the interest of DWD Studios in the UK, leading to a signing with the prominent sync label De Wolfe Music USA.

In 2020, KYZR engaged in collaborative remix projects, which culminated in the 'Night Adventures' playlist.

While facing significant family challenges, the brothers discovered a renewed inspiration for songwriting between 2019 and 2023. As a result, their new songs exhibit a more timeless quality, infused with elements of rock, seventies pop, and cinematic influences, expanding their artistic palette.

Their enduring partnership with singer-cowriter Frisberg ensures that the music remains unmistakably KYZR. Further collaborations in the US with musicians like bass player Whynot Jansveld, trumpet player John Fumo, Brendan Dakora (mixing) and Maor Appelbaum (mastering) have set the stage for their next chapter: This second album, 'Beauty Comes Crashing Down' was released on Valentines Day, 2024. Simultaneously with the release of the album, it's first single sees the light of day: 'This Time It's Real'.


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